These days I’m a little bit moody because I have many things to worry about. But looking out my window and see the light flooding in the room makes me feel better. There are some periods in one’s life when we are totally “up” or “down”, I mean ” it never rains but it pours”. I’m in the “down” time with things all go wrong in different ways. Anyway I think I’m still in a better situation than many others. This thought keeps me move on more happily.

So, these are some coasters I made last month using cotton polka dot fabric & lace ribbon. There are 2 pink ones & 2 blue ones. I think with one blue & one pink we can have “couple coasters” for Him & Her ^^ The coasters are very firm so it is good for real use.

Next time I”ll be back with more post on crafting 🙂

Nice week to you all!